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CPEE Executive Manager Presents at Infrastructure Thought Leaders Seminar

Dr Kym Neaylon (CPEE Executive Manager Professional Development) was invited to be co-speaker in Melbourne at the recent Engineers Australia ‘Infrastructure Thought Leaders Seminar’ on the important topic of ‘Pavement Design into the Future’\

Kym’s forward-looking presentation focused on trends and issues impacting on pavement performance such as climate change, emerging and alternative materials in pavements such as waste plastic and nanotechnology, and his view of the emerging issues challenging pavement designers.

The audience for this seminar consisted of infrastructure sector engineers with nearly 100 attending in person and 185 national and international viewers participating via the webinar.

Seminar ThoughLeaders

Click the above image for the full youtube video

Pavements are an integral component of road construction and cost and Kym, as a highly regarded civil engineering educational professional, appreciated this opportunity “to highlight emerging pavement design challenges, not only with so many experienced professionals but also with current university engineering students”.
CPEE was also pleased to assist Engineers Australia to secure speakers to present Kym’s material at corresponding events which were successfully held in Brisbane and Perth.

Kym (CPEE Executive Manager Professional Development) is a chartered civil engineer with research and consultant experience in bituminous road surfacings. Kym’s current role at CPEE involves managing and developing the short course program for transport professionals, teaching students in the Master of Pavement Technology, and implementing CPEEs professional development. If you would like information about the CPEE short course program visit the CPEE website or call the office to discuss on (03) 9890 5155.

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