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Can you benefit from the record infrastructure spending?

The Federal budget’s injection of $24.5 billion dollars in additional funding for major roads and rail infrastructure as part of its planned $75 billion nation-building infrastructure plan will put a big strain on the supply of experienced and qualified engineers.

Our engineers will be put to the test if they are to deliver on the projects planned by our State and Federal governments for city and rural roads. Already in short supply are qualified engineers with the skills and experience needed to lead the charge, without which projects would be delayed and budgets exceeded. The importance of educating new engineers is critical to ensuring that the infrastructure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Tapping into decades of gained knowledge and expertise the CPEE post graduate award programs are Australia’s preeminent specialist roads related programs.

Developed by industry experts these courses offer a unique approach to educating working engineers on the technical design, maintenance, rehabilitation and asset management of our largest national asset.

While a growing number of CPEE graduates are filling top pavement design and construction related roles across Australia these engineers will be in short supply and their expertise in high demand. If you’re an engineer looking to enhance your value and play a key role in this period of major infrastructure projects, then now is a great time to follow the lead of these engineers who have gained the sought-after specialist knowledge provided in a CPEE post graduate award program. 

Further details on CPEE programs can be found here: CPEE Higher Education Programs

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