Academic Calendar and Semesters

The purpose of this policy is to describe the CPEE Policy on the development and approval of its Academic Calendar and Semesters.

 Policy Statement

The CPEE Academic Calendar, comprising two standard semesters in a calendar year, is to be approved in advance by Academic Board on a rolling five (5) year basis. The Chief Executive Officer, upon advice from the Higher Education Officer, is responsible for determining the dates for and operationalising the Academic Calendar and for recommending the CPEE Academic Calendar to Academic Board for approval.

A standard semester will be 14 weeks and shall comprise the following elements:

  • Twelve (12) teaching weeks;
  • One (1) week at approximately mid-semester, where no assessment deadlines are scheduled; and
  • One (1) week examination preparation period immediately prior to examinations.

The standard semester will be immediately followed by up to two a (2) weeks centrally scheduled Examinations period.

The CPEE Semester Census Date for determining student load that is to be reported to the Federal Government will be calculated for each semester.

The CPEE Withdrawal without academic penalty date will be determined for each semester.

Additional Info

  • DocID: PO012
  • Document Title: Policy on Academic Calendar and Semesters
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