Adjusted Assessment Procedure

This Procedure applies where a student is unable, because of disability or medical condition, to undertake the same assessment in the same manner as other students. CPEE offers reasonable adjustments to assessment that do not impose unjustifiable hardship on the CPEE.

An adjustment to assessment typically involves allowing additional time to complete an assessment task or the use of alternative assessment. Alternative assessment encompasses all assessment tasks, inclusive of such as assignments, designs and examinations. 

This Procedure helps to ensure that enrolled students who have a disability or medical condition are able to undertake alternative assessment that will provide them the opportunity to demonstrate those fundamental skills, capabilities and knowledge in order to achieve the essential learning outcomes of a CPEE assessment task, Unit and Program, while maintaining academic integrity.

The following applies to students with a disability or a medical condition. This Procedure does not apply to short term illness or injury.

Additional Info

  • DocID: PR035
  • Document Title: PR035: Procedure for Adjusted Assessment
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