Student Wellbeing and Support Policy

This Policy sets out CPEE’s commitment to supporting its students, their safety and their wellbeing by providing access to relevant support and welfare services.

Policy Statement

CPEE is committed to delivering a learning journey which provides the opportunities for students to achieve success, supports their wellbeing through a broad range of support services and ensures access to information for the appropriate accessing of welfare and support resources.

The CPEE quality and risk management cycle provides an overarching framework for student wellbeing by incorporating student feedback, experiences and concerns. Student wellbeing is also supported by:

  • Orientation programs designed to assist commencing students adapt to their online study environment;
  • Academic support to assist students with accessing library, support and contemporary study resources;
  • Administration and teaching staff, who provide ongoing support for student concerns and who are able to identify students ‘at risk’ requiring further support.
  • Student representation on Academic Board that provides a direct link between students and decision makers including advocacy for students.
  • Contact information for external support services outside the scope of CPEE capabilities
  • Critical incident management policies and procedures to ensure the wellbeing and safety of students during a critical incident.
  • Policies and procedures relating to all aspects of student wellbeing including; student codes of conduct, complaints and appeals, misconduct and the critical incident policy. CPEE adopts a proactive approach and strongly encourages students to view and read its Policies, Procedures and Guidelines during orientation and ongoing studies.

Additional Info

  • DocID: PO024
  • Document Title: PO024: Student Wellbeing and Support Policy
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