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CPEE policies describe in clear language what must be done. CPEE policies are broadly structured into two types, namely academic and operational. Academic policies are inclusive of academic program, teaching and learning and research/scholarship areas and related functions of CPEE. Operational policies are inclusive of all administrative and management functions of CPEE.

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Procedure (14)

CPEE procedures and processes describe how things outlined in policies must be done. CPEE procedures and processes support CPEE policies and are directions or instructions that describe in fuller detail how particular actions should be carried out. They invariably include flowcharts that provide clear direction about sequence

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Guidelines (13)

CPEE guidelines are examples of good practice and provide guidance about how to best implement CPEE policies.

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Codes of Conduct (3)

The following codes of conducts set out CPEE's expectation in relation to academic matters and personal behaviour.

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Form Directory (23)

The forms available in this directory should be used in conjunction with the applicable policy, procedure or guideline. Please ensure when submitting a form that is is complete and accurate.  

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Purpose of this procedure is to ensure that students who are admitted to CPEE Units and Programs are appropriately enrolled.

To ensure students are appropriately admitted to CPEE Units and Programs.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure the fulfillment of all conditions for the conferral of award.

This Policy outlines the principles to be applied in the management of complaints and appeals.

This Guideline provides students with an overarching introduction to the CPEE Policy and Procedures related to student grievances, appeals and complaints. It complements the PO007: Policy on Student Grievances, Complaints and Appeals, PR012: Student Complaint Procedure, PR013: Student Academic Appeals Procedure, PR015: Student Misconduct Management Procedure and the PR018: Student Non-academic Appeals Procedure.

This Procedure sets the framework for CPEE to handle allegations of student misconduct in a manner that is fair, consistent, clear, prompt and efficient. The Procedure is applied in accordance with the principles of natural justice.

The Procedure is applied where there are breaches of the CPEE Code of Student Conduct, which provides details on Academic and General Misconduct.

This Procedures provides details of the processes for the lodging of student appeals related to non-academic matters and for the management of those appeals in a manner that is confidential, evidence based, non-adversarial and supportive of students.

CPEE is dedicated to monitoring the progress of its students through its programs and provide appropriate guidance and support.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that CPEE Student Fees are representative of the sector, competitive and undergo annual review.

This Policy sets out CPEE’s commitment to supporting its students, their safety and their wellbeing by providing access to relevant support and welfare services.

The CPEE is committed to providing students with a learning environment where learning outcomes are validated through authentic assessment.

The CPEE is committed to providing opportunities for people with disabilities to access its program while complying with the Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005.

By enrolling in a program provided by Centre for Pavement Engineering Education Inc. (CPEE) (ABN: 23368959740; PRV12121), you agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions ("Terms and conditions of enrolment") as outlined in the attached document.  If you require any assistance or clarification, please contact CPEE on 03 98905155

This form is to be used by CPEE and CPEE joint program students when requesting changes to their current semester enrolment, including the addition of unit(s) and or withdrawal/discontinuation of unit(s).
Please make sure that you are aware of the financial and/or academic dates and related penalties that may be imposed when varying an existing enrolment.

This form is to be used by current CPEE and CPEE joint program students to request withdrawal from a program.

  • Before you apply to withdraw, it is strongly recommended that you discuss the matter with the CPEE Higher Education Officer.
  • If you are currently enrolled in a unit/s, depending on the date you withdraw you may still be liable for fees and not be eligible for a refund.
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