Application process

The following application process varies according to the program you wish to study

All applications are made to the CPEE Higher Education Officer (HEO) via the online application for program admission form (certain applications may have extra requirements, which will be listed on the applicable enrolment application form). It is important to include all requested documentation with your application to avoid delays in processing.

Before You Apply

Before you apply

The first step in any future students should take to ensure that the application and admission process goes as smoothly as possible is to consider and complete the following steps before applying:

  1. Review the program
    Note admission criteria, admission instructions, requirements & structure and any additional information listed.
  2. Review fees and related costs
  3. Check key and application closing dates.
  4. If you are from a non-English-speaking background, review the English language requirements and ensure that you can provide evidence of your English proficiency if required.

Supporting Documentation

All applications require supporting documentation when submitting to CPEE. Requirements do vary between courses, so it is important to check any unique requirements prior to submission.

Supporting documentation must be certified as a true copy of the original unless otherwise stated.

CPEE accepts scanned documents submitted online in support of applications for admission to its programs. All submitted supporting documents must be true and complete records. Applicants should be prepared to provide original documents or original certified copies of supporting documents upon request at any time. As part of the admission process CPEE may contact the original issuing authority, educational or other relevant organisation or individual, whether in Australia or overseas, to verify submitted documents. A failure to provide documents on request, or the discovery of either fraudulent documents or a misrepresentation of true circumstances in association with your application, may lead to the rejection of the application for admission, the withdrawal of offer, or the cancellation of enrolment.

Identity and Citizenship


All applications require proof of citizenship. Different types of proof are acceptable depending on whether you are an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or international applicant.

If you are an Australian Citizen proof may be one of the following:

  • Australian Birth Certificate or
  • Current Australian Passport

If you are a Permanent Resident (including humanitarian visa holders)

  • Current Passport (showing Perment Residency visa) or
  • Permanent Resident Visa Documents

Other applicants including international.

  • Birth Certificate or
  • Current Passport

If you have any problems completing your application  please contact CPEE

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