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cp logo 2 vertical 1The tables below outlines the approximate fees that a student will incur for their semester enrolment into a unit of study in the year indicated. It is possible, however, for students to undertake units from other providers towards completion of a postgraduate program, in which case the unit fees may vary. Please note all fees are reviewed annually as per the Policy on Student Unit Fees and Policy on Student Administrative Fees. Fees are subject to change. All fees for the following calendar year will be listed on this page in October each year.   



2019 Student Type  
Domestic International Field of Education
Program Per Unit Per Unit Code
Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology $2,795.00 $3,240.00 039999
Master of Pavement Technology $2,795.00 $3,240.00 039999
Single Unit (Non Award) $2,795.00 $3,240.00 039999

Full Fee Paying Places


A Full Fee Paying place is not Commonwealth supported, that is, not subsidised by the Australian Government. If you are a domestic student in a Full Fee Paying place you must pay full tuition fees for your studies.

Important! Failure to pay your semester unit fees by the due date may result in cancellation of your enrolment.


What is a Census Date?"

The census date is the last day you can withdraw from a subject without being financially liable

If you are enrolled in a unit at the census date you will be liable for the fees and charges for that unit for the relevant study period, even if you intended to withdraw from the unit.

Census dates do vary and should be checked

Students are responsible for ensuring their enrolment record is accurate. This means you must check you are enrolled in the correct units and finalise your enrolment by the census date that has been set for each unit.

It is not sufficient to advise the lecturer/Unit Chair that you will no longer be participating. If you do not wish to remain enrolled in a unit and incur the financial liability for it, you must formally withdraw from enrolment in that unit by completing a Variation of Enrolment Form and submitting to CPEE by the census date.

All withdrawals after the unit census date will incur financial liability, however you may withdraw from a unit without academic penalty depending on the date of withdrawal. The census dates and academic withdrawal dates are published as part of the Academic Principal Dates

You must finalise your arrangements for payment of your student contribution or unit and related fees by:

CPEE Programs

> making payment of your current or outstanding unit fees.

University of Tasmania Programs

> making an upfront payment of your current unit fees.

> submitting your completed request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP form, or

> submitting your request for a FEE-HELP loan

The payment requirements will vary depending on the provider so ensure that you are aware of your individual fee responsibility on enrolment.

Each subject of study offered will have a census date. For all units not maintained directly by CPEE please refer to the individual unit provider for census date information.

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