The purpose of CPEE is to promote, encourage, foster and develop integrated education, training and research for the advancement of the science of road pavement technology. CPEE operates as a not for profit association under the Associations Incorporated Reform Act 2012 (Victoria).

Strategic Plan

  • Vision

    To be the pre-eminent entity delivering high quality specialised education in pavement and road technology and associated asset management.
  • Mission

    To build national professional capacity in the design, construction and maintenance of road pavement infrastructure by growing essential expertise through its unique programs and courses.
  • The Plan

    Download a copy of the CPEE Strategic Plan for the coming period. 
Goal 1 - Academic Quality

CPEE will build on its outstanding reputation as the pre-eminent specialist educational entity in the fields of pavement and road technology, engineering and asset management by offering accredited postgraduate programs of study and high quality professional development short courses. It will continue its ongoing review and refreshing of its offerings to ensure they remain contemporary and in alignment with the highest academic standards, and industry and employer needs.

Goal 2 - Governance

CPEE will ensure excellence in its corporate and academic governance.

Goal 3 - Students and Clients

CPEE will ensure that a quality and rewarding student and client experience is central to all its operations and processes.

Goal 4 - People & Resources

CPEE will provide support to students and staff through rich digital platforms and associated infrastructure. Source and employ highly qualified and experienced professional staff and support their ongoing professional development for delivery of high quality learning and teaching. CPEE will develop and implement strategies to foster greater levels of gender and cultural diversity across its programs.

Goal 5 - Sustainability

CPEE will maintain its sustainability by the proactive provision of quality industry driven educational offerings in an environment of stakeholder co- operation, partnership, financial astuteness and the amelioration of potential risks.


  • Our Role

    CPEE Corporate governance is primarily concerned with its institution's legal and financial standing, planning, compliance and reporting, which are the core responsibilities of the CPEE governing Council. The academic functions of CPEE are delegated to its Academic Board by the CPEE Council and are primarily concerned with the integrity of the core higher education activities of teaching and scholarship and in particular the structures and policies and processes which ensure quality outcomes.
  • Meeting Dates

    25/03/2021 Council
    24/06/2021 Council
    26/08/2021 Special Joint Council & Academic Board
    11/11/2021 AGM & Council
  • Membership

    Independent Chair Peter Mitchem
    Deputy Independent Chair Andrew Bethune
    Academic Board Chair John Vines OAM
    Austroads Representative Dr Geoff Allan
    Austroads Representative Ross Guppy
    AAPA Representative Tanja Conners
    AAPA Representative Carlos Rial
    University Representative Prof. Andrew Chan
    University Representative  
    Co-Opted Position Chris Harrison
    Co-Opted Position Paul Hammer Member for Box Hill
    Co-Opted Position  
    CPEE Madeleine McManus OAM (CEO)

Academic Board

  • Our Role

    The Academic Board is constituted to ensure that the teaching and delivery of the higher education awards will be under the jurisdiction of qualified academics and professionals. Academic governance is primarily concerned with the integrity of the core higher education activities of teaching and scholarship and in particular the structures and policies and processes which ensure quality outcomes. Academic governance is considered to include the policies, systems, strategies and resources that ensure academic standards and continuous improvement in academic activities.
  • Meeting Dates

    14/02/2021 Academic Board
    27/05/2021 Academic Board
    12/08/2021 Special Joint Council & Academic Board
    28/10/2021 Academic Board
  • Membership

    Chair John Vines OAM
    Deputy Chair  Geoff Webb
    Member Dr. Damien Holloway
    Member Andrew Papacostas
    Member Dr. Jo Devine
    Member Prof. Frank Bullen
    Member Jessicia Westthorp
    Member Prof. Phil Evans
    Member David Hazell
    Member Davin Slade
    CPEE Mignon Goswell (HEO)
    CPEE Madeleine McManus OAM (CEO)

Quality Management

  • Commitment to Continual Improvement

    CPEE demonstrates its commitment to continual improvement by fostering and employing a comprehensive system focused on enhancing performance, increasing value and a commitment to identifying needs and opportunities for improvement in a systematic and planned way.

    This system helps to drive and support the continuous improvement process through the implementation of policy, quality objectives, auditing, analysis of data, corrective and preventative activities, review of customer requirements.

    Management provides its commitment to ensure that this focus remains employed throughout every aspect of the organisation and the services we provide.

Financial Standing

  • Standing

    CPEE aims to ensure that through good governance and financial practices maintains a strong financial position with safe guards in place to meet student and client obligations. The following information is provided to ensure that student seeking to undertake a course of study with CPEE can make an informed decision prior to entering into a formal agreement (enrolment) with CPEE.

  • Summary Statement

Short Courses & Workshops
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