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The purpose of CPEE is to promote, encourage, foster and develop integrated education, training and research for the advancement of the science of road pavement technology. CPEE operates as a not for profit association under the Associations Incorporated Reform Act 2012 (Victoria).

Strategic Plan


To build professional skills capacity in the design, constructions and maintenance of road, pavement, transport, assets and infrastructure by growing essential expertise through our unique programs and courses. Responding to industry needs, programs are designed for industry, delivered by industry, for the benefity of industry to improve infrastructure outcomes. Programs are delivered in a remote learning and digital environment.


Leading in the delivery of educational excellence for discipline specialized educational programs, CPEE ensures sustainable skills development in roads, transport, asset management and engineering to deliver efficient, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, with a focus on continuing professional development. Collaborating and developing partnerships with industry, governments, academia and NFPs, ensuring contemporary educational aproaches that will improve infrastructure outcomes for the community.

View the Plan

View or download the 2021 - 2024 CPEE Strategic plan below.

Strategic Focus Areas

Build for Strength & Resilience
  • CPEE is owned by industry & continues to be driven by industry needs.
  • Creating values driven organisation for impact: building on strengths, capabilities, and knowledge.
  • Delivering a resilient business, with capacity to respond in an agile manner.
  • Delivering growth (5%) in student enrolments across all programs year on year.
  • Increasing revenue diversification for strength and resilience.
  • Leverage industry relationships to collaboratively build Academic and Short Course enrolments.
Academic Excellence, Quality & Governance
  • Continuous review of academic programs to ensure both contemporary & industry relevant, maintaining highest academic standards.
  • Completion of annual internal & external reviews of corporate and academic governance.
  • Maintain TEQSA compliance & accreditation.
  • CPEE reviews for teaching and academic unit quality target >70% of all units.
  • CPEE student unit completions target > 80% of all units.
  • CPEE post graduate students’ outcomes survey target > 80% satisfaction.
Empowering People & Unleashing Potential
  • People focus, increasing staff engagement and development annually.
  • Empower students to reach potential through educational pathways.
  • Further developing student pipeline for inclusive & equitable access for diverse students.
  • Scholarship programs to encourage leadership, gender & cultural diversity and indigenous students.
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Be a pivotal voice in industry, partnering to build industry skills capacity to meet infrastructure agenda and for community benefit.
  • Build on our deep understanding and connection to the industry needs. Responding with agility to mobilise and meet those gaps in a rapid way.
  • Focus on internal engagement across professional and academic staff.
  • Focus on engagement with key foundation partners Austroads & AfPA and their membership organisations.
  • Connect with CPEE alumnae to create community of practice .
  • Engage with industry experts and leaders, local and international academics and local and global associations.
  • Engage with Federal, State and Local Government.
  • Engage with State, National and International Universities .
  • Engage with industry bodies and associations and aligned NFPs.
  • Engage with industry and commercial organisations.
Sustainability - Corporate, Social & Environment
  • Ensure organisation is sustainable & well positioned to thrive post COVID.
  • Assess performance against relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Achieve diversification of revenue.
  • Growth of partnership revenue.
  • Operate as financial on-going concern.
  • Minimize climate and environmental footprint & mitigate impact.
  • Focus on increasing social sustainability.
Partnerships & Collaborations with Future Focus
  • Deepen collaborative partnerships with universities to grow & enhance academic expertise & programs.
  • Increase partnerships with governments, industry, associations and NFPs.
  • Continue to contribute to the academic body of knowledge in partnership with CPEE foundation partners, Austroads & AfPA and UTas.
  • Continue to collaborate & partner with Austroads member organisations and State Transportation Departments & their agencies.
  • Continue to collaborate & partner with UTas, Monash, Asset Management. Council, Roads Australia, Engineers Australia, IPWEA, ARRB, AustStab & ASCPConcrete.


  • Our Role

    CPEE Corporate governance is primarily concerned with its institution's legal and financial standing, planning, compliance and reporting, which are the core responsibilities of the CPEE governing Council. The academic functions of CPEE are delegated to its Academic Board by the CPEE Council and are primarily concerned with the integrity of the core higher education activities of teaching and scholarship and in particular the structures and policies and processes which ensure quality outcomes.
  • Membership

    Independent Chair Emeritus Prof John Wilson
    Deputy Independent Chair Andrew Bethune
    Academic Board Chair Prof. Andrew Chan
    Austroads Representative Dr Geoff Allan (CEO Austroads)
    Austroads Representative Dr Ross Guppy
    AfPA Representative Carlos Rial (CEO AfPA)
    Co-Opted Position Paul Hammer (Member for Box Hill)
    Co-Opted Position Julie Mitchell, (Dep Director General TMR)
    CPEE CEO Madeleine McManus OAM

Academic Board

  • Our Role

    The Academic Board is constituted to ensure that the teaching and delivery of the higher education awards will be under the jurisdiction of appropriately qualified academics and professionals. As a result, students and the relevant agencies in the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments can be assured that CPEE higher education programs will be presented and monitored by an accredited, reputable body. Academic governance is primarily concerned with the integrity of the core higher education activities of teaching and scholarship and in particular the structures, policies and processes which ensure outcomes that meet or exceed those required by the Higher Education Standards Framework. 

  • Membership

    Chair Prof Andrew Chan
    University Representative Assoc. Prof. Damien Holloway
    Industry Representative Andrew Papacostas
    Industry Representative Davin Slade
    Unit Chair Representative David Hazell
    Unit Chair Representative Dr Jo Devine
    Student Representative Jessica Westthorp
    Assessment Panel Chair Prof. Ron Ayers
    Academic Advisor Prof. Frank Bullen
    LTCC Chair Geoff Webb
    CPEE CEO Madeleine McManus OAM
    CPEE HEM Mignon Goswell

Quality Management

  • Commitment to Continual Improvement

    CPEE demonstrates its commitment to continual improvement by fostering and employing a comprehensive system focused on enhancing performance, increasing value and a commitment to identifying needs and opportunities for improvement in a systematic and planned way.

    This system helps to drive and support the continuous improvement process through the implementation of policy, quality objectives, auditing, analysis of data, corrective and preventative activities, review of customer requirements.

    Management provides its commitment to ensure that this focus remains employed throughout every aspect of the organisation and the services we provide.

Financial Standing

  • Standing

    CPEE aims to ensure that through good governance and financial practices maintains a strong financial position with safe guards in place to meet student and client obligations. The following information is provided to ensure that student seeking to undertake a course of study with CPEE can make an informed decision prior to entering into a formal agreement (enrolment) with CPEE.

  • Summary Statement