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The CPEELMS is a customised Moodle learning management system used by CPEE to provide the online delivery of our programs. Through the CPEELMS students will gain access to topic specific study material, study resources and assessment tasks.

Studying With CPEE

Academic Support
Throughout your studies you may require some academic suport from time to time and its improtant to understand who to contact when you need to. 

The CPEE Higher Education officer should be contacted for matters regarding enrolment, late submitted assessment tasks and similar issues.

If you require academic assistance your Unit Chair is available to assist you regarding issues specific to unit content and assessment. You can contact the Unit Chair directly via the CPEELMS messaging system or post your query on the unit forum.

When corresponding with your Unit Chair or the CPEE Higher Education Officer, being specific will alow for a more tailored response. If you do not receive an answer to an enquiry from your Unit Chair within 48 hours, please contact CPEE.

Administrative enquiries, such as difficulty in submitting assessment tasks, late assessment task submission, special consideration, or other matters not directly related to assessment task questions should be directed to the CPEE HEO or administration staff.
Academic Skills and Study Advice

Studying online allows you to fit study around work, social and family commitments. Once of the main draws to this type of study is the you can study at home, in the office, or any place and time that suits you. However, this type of study also brings with it a number of challenges. Effective techniques are key to navigating these challenges and to your long term study goals.


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Mental Wellbeing and Counselling

CPEE is committed to delivering a learning journey which provides the opportunities for students to achieve success, supports their wellbeing through a broad range of support services and ensures access to information for the appropriate accessing of welfare and support resources.

Take steps to look after your mental wellbeing. What kind of support are you looking for?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Education

The CPEE is committed to the recruitment, admission and providing pathways and support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The CPEE will work towards establishing itself as the preeminent authority for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples wishing to undertake higher education studies in road and pavement engineering.


The following principles underpin the CPEE's approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' learning, teaching and research.

  • Providing CPEE admission pathways to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Proactive support of enrolled students to assist their achievement of Unit and Program Learning Outcomes
  • Providing additional staff support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to enhance their learning experience at the CPEE
  • Encouraging employers to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to undertake studies at the CPEE
  • The allocation of dedicated scholarships to applicants who have established Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander status.
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