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Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology


Course Objectives (GradCertPavtTech)

  • 4 Credit Points

  • 4 Units of Study

CPEE's flexible, online Pavement Technology programs are designed to further develop the skills of professional engineers to efficiently and sustainably design, construct and maintain durable road and highway pavements. Our academics are recognised as leaders in their respective disciplines, bringing a wealth of both technical and practical industry experience to our programs.

The road pavement industry experience is that a specialist qualification is important in raising the status of professionals in the industry, and the online education mode allows courses to be readily offered to candidates throughout Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. Our online programs come with readily available support to guide you through your study. To take the next step in your career, the CPEE Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology program will provide you with skills, knowledge, and an Australian accredited and trusted qualification.

AQF Level
Program Code



Part Time Study


CPEE is an accredited private provider of higher education programs listed on the National Register for Providers and Courses on the website of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) as an 'Institute of Higher Education' (PRV12121).

Graduate Statement

The CPEE Graduate will lead the design, building and maintenance of their nation’s complex transportation infrastructure in a sustainable manner.

Graduate Attributes

The CPEE Graduate Attributes underpin Programs that seek to graduate students who are thinkers, innovators, communicators, leaders and are socially, cultural, ethically and environmentally aware.

  1. In-depth knowledge & skills in a discipline area: an in-depth knowledge within the field of study, based on current and emerging national and international practice. 
  2. Judgement, analysis and problem solving: the ability to define, analyse and create viable solutions to a range of problems and to reflect on potential outcomes. 
  3. Creativity and inventiveness: the ability to generate creative and innovative solutions to discipline and social challenges. 
  4. Effective communication and collaboration: the abilities to collaborate, communicate and present information and concepts clearly, fluently and within context to diverse audiences via multiple media.
  5. Sustainability, socially and ethically focussed: the ability to respond appropriately to discipline issues with a commitment to sustainability, social and high ethical standards. 
  6. Information and digital literacy: the ability to recognise when information is needed and to locate, interpret, evaluate, and effectively use the information as required. 
  7. Lifelong learning to increase self-potential: the ability to pursue personal and work based development in a changing environment through self-managed learning. 

Program Structure

Fundamentals of Roads and Pavements


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Fundamentals of Road Construction


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Road Pavement Design

600, 613

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Pavement Construction

600, 613

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Road & Pavement Surfacings

600, 613

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Pavement Preservation and Rehabilitation

600, 613, 601

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Road & Pavement Maintenance

600, 613

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Admission Requirements

Admission is based on meeting the equivalent of AQF Level 7 in a cognate discipline and meeting the minimum English language requirements, as per PR006 and PR007. Examples of meeting the equivalent AQF Level 7 in a cognate discipline are provided in (a) to (c) below.

  1. A three (3) year undergraduate degree in a cognate discipline at AQF7; or
  2. A two (2) year undergraduate degree in a cognate discipline at AQF6, plus at least three (3) years of documented and verified relevant work experience that equates to AQF Level 7; or
  3. Demonstrated relevant formal, non-formal and informal prior learning deemed equivalent to items a) or b) above that equates to AQF Level 7.

Program Requirements

To be eligible for the Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology a candidate must complete all core units plus any two (2) elective units.

Units can only be attempted following successful completion of the required pre-requisites or by concurrent enrolment in specified co-requisites.

Enrolment Pattern

The default and minimum enrolment pattern for the Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology is one (1) unit per semester. A maximum enrolment of two (2) units per semester is normally permitted.

Elective units will normally be offered every 2 to 3 semesters. For the current schedule refer to the Units of Study & Availability

Maximum Completion Time

The standard maximum time for completion of the Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology is 3 calendar years dated from the time of initial enrolment. Refer to PO028 Policy on Program Duration regarding program completion times, Leave of Absence and Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances.

Awarding of Credit

Credit for previous equivalent formal, non-formal or informal prior learning or cross institutional study undertaken is awarded in line with PR042: Procedure for Awarding of Academic Credit.

To apply for credit you will need to submit the following form:


Applicants who have completed the Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology can apply to enter the Master of Pavement Technology with credit for the units completed in the Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology.

Study Load

We estimate that students devote approximately 10 study hours per week, per unit. These study hours are inclusive of teaching time (e.g. lectures, online teaching), independent study, assessment tasks and/or examination time. Our semesters are broken down into study and exam periods. The study period is 15 weeks duration per semester. We state that the student study workload for each unit is calculated as per below:

15 study period weeks x 10 hours study per week Resulting in the average unit requiring 150 hours over the study period

Credit Points
Each CPEE unit is worth one (1) credit point unless otherwise specified. One credit point involves a student workload of approximately 10 hours per week over a semester.
Equivalent Full Time Student Load (EFTSL)

Each of our units has an equivalent full time student load (EFTSL) of 0.125 (12.5%). The study of one unit in a semester would be an ETFSL of 12.5%. A standard full-time load is eight units in the academic year (8*12.5%= 100% or 1 EFTSL). For our programs a full time study load would be 4 units per semester.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPEE has determined that one CPEE Postgraduate Unit of academic study, that has been successfully completed with a passing grade, is equivalent to 150 CPD hours.

Semester Unit Fee Schedule

2024  (All fees are GST free) Student Type  
Domestic International Field of Education
Program Standard
Per Unit
Per Unit
Graduate Certificate in Asset Management $3,595.00 $4,130.00 080315
Graduate Certificate in Project Management $3,595.00 $4,130.00 080315
Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology $3,595.00 $4,130.00 030999
Master of Pavement Technology $3,595.00 $4,130.00 030999
MPT:  Unit 629 Industry Research Proposal * $359.50 $413.00  
MPT:  Unit 630 Industry Research ** $3,235.50 $3,717.00  
Single Unit (Non Award) $3,595.00 $4,130.00 030999

*   Beginning in Semester 1 2024, Unit 629 will incur a semester fee of 10% of the unit fee in that year.
**  Beginning in Semester 2 2024, Unit 630 will incur a semester fee of 90% of the unit fee in that year.