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Enrolment and Graduation


CPEE Program Enrolment Form

All students are responsible to ensure their enrolment is correct at the time of submission and before the unit census date. The information contained on this site and on the enrolment form will assist you in completing your enrolment. Please contact CPEE for any queries.

Please complete the following online re-enrolment form. You will receive an emailed copy of your form following submission. 

Applying for Academic Credit

CPEE Private Provider Programs

CPEE may award Specified Credit or Unspecified Credit. The awarding of credit means that a student who successfully applies for credit shall have a reduced number of Units to complete their CPEE program to meet the requirement for graduation. For example, a CPEE student who has been awarded 2 Units of Credit in the Master of Pavement Technology will need to complete (pass) a further 6 Units to meet graduation requirements.

Change of Program

Change of Program

If you are a current student with CPEE and wish to change your program of study, you will need to formally withdraw from your existing program and then re-apply for the new program using the Application for Program Admission form below.


Students who have completed a lower award of a nested program can apply to enter higher award with credit for the units completed in the lower program. e.g. The students participating in the CPEE Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology can apply to enter the Master of Pavement Technology with credit for the units completed in the Graduate Certificate in Pavement Technology.

Articulating students will need to complete a new Application for Program Admission form.


Graduation is a milestone that not only marks the end of your degree but a furthering of your knowledge in your chosen subject matter.  As you approach the end of your studies, you will start to receive notifications to prepare for your graduation.

Your graduation form can be submitted either with your final Unit's enrolment form or as a seperate document, but will need to be received prior to the end of your final semester with CPEE.

Graduation Documents

When you successfully graduate, you'll receive the following hardcopy documents printed on security paper:

  • Award Certificate (testamur)
  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

Your graduation documents will be posted to your preferred mailing address after the CPEE Council confers your award at the August/September Council meeting for Semester 1 completion of program and the March/April Council meeting the year following Semester 2 completion.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Education

The CPEE is committed to the recruitment, admission and providing pathways and support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The CPEE will work towards establishing itself as the preeminent authority for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples wishing to undertake higher education studies in road and pavement engineering.


The following principles underpin the CPEE's approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' learning, teaching and research.

  • Providing CPEE admission pathways to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Proactive support of enrolled students to assist their achievement of Unit and Program Learning Outcomes
  • Providing additional staff support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to enhance their learning experience at the CPEE
  • Encouraging employers to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to undertake studies at the CPEE
  • The allocation of dedicated scholarships to applicants who have established Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander status.