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Semester Dates

 Semester Dates

All dates listed below may be subject to change and may differ depending on the unit/program studied. We advise student confirm dates with CPEE or the relevant provider as required.

The following dates apply for all CPEE offered private provider units:

 Event 2023
Semester 2
Semester 1
Semester 2
Orientation Week 26 Jul 21 Feb 24 Jul
Semester Start 31 Jul 26 Feb 29 Jul
Last Date for Enrolment Aug Mar Aug
Census date 22 Aug 19 Mar 20 Aug
Last Withdrawal Without Fail 11 Sept Apr 8 Sept
Mid Semester Break 19 - 25 Sept 15 - 21 Apr 16 - 22 Sept
Revision Period 30 Oct - 5 Nov 27 May - 2 Jun 28 Oct – 3 Nov
Semester end Nov 16 Jun 17 Nov
Final Assessment Period 6 - 19 Nov 3 - 16 Jun 4- 17 Nov
Final Results Published Mid to Late Dec Mid Jul Mid to Late Dec

Semester Information


    The census date is the last day you can withdraw from a subject without being financially liable

    If you are enrolled in a unit at the census date you will be liable for the fees and charges for that unit for the relevant study period, even if you intended to withdraw from the unit.

    Census dates do vary and should be checked

    Students are responsible for ensuring their enrolment record is accurate. This means you must check you are enrolled in the correct units and finalise your enrolment by the census date that has been set for the semester.

    It is not sufficient to advise the lecturer/Unit Chair that you will no longer be participating. If you do not wish to remain enrolled in a unit and incur the financial liability for it, you must formally withdraw from enrolment in that unit by completing a Amendment of Program Form and submitting to CPEE by the census date.

    All withdrawals after the census date will incur financial liability, however you may withdraw from a unit without academic penalty depending on the date of withdrawal. The census date and academic withdrawal date are published as part of the Academic Principal Dates. 

    Note: For any units not directly maintained by CPEE please refer to the individual unit provider for census date information.


    You must finalise your arrangements for payment of your student fees by:

    CPEE Programs

    Full Fee

    Making payment of your current or outstanding unit fees:

    • Your unit fee is payable by the issued invoice due date or at the latest by semester orientation date, whichever comes first.
    • If you have not paid your unit fee by the Orientation date your login to the CPEELMS will not be activated, therefore you will not have access to your study material. 
    • Finally, if your unit fee has still not been paid after the semester census date, you will incur a financial liability for the debt and you will be administratively withdrawn from the unit.

    External Provider Programs

    Full Fee

    • If you are required to pay a unit fee for your unit and you have not requested FEE-HELP (if eligible/ applicable) or paid by the relevant census date, your enrolment will be cancelled.

    Commonwealth Supported student

    If you are a Commonwealth Supported student and have not met all Higher Education Support Act requirements by the relevant unit census date your enrolment will be cancelled. You must provide:

    • a valid completed Request for Commonwealth Support form for each course you enrol in, and
    • your Tax File Number (TFN) if eligible to defer and you choose the Deferred or Partial Up-Front payment option.

    Upfront Payment

    • If you choose the up-front payment option and do not provide your TFN you must pay the required amount by the fees due date or your enrolment will be cancelled. As a safety net to avoid enrolment cancellation, it is advisable to provide your Tax File Number and your fees may be deferred it you do not meet the due date.

    By enrolling into a unit of study you acknowledge you have reviewed the related dates; including semester start, end, academic and financial penalty dates, including the census date, along with the related penalties that may be imposed for variation to or withdrawal of that enrolment. Refer to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment for full details.

    You can get a full standard refund without penalties or fees:

    •  If you withdraw before the semester census date for your unit.

    You are not eligible for a refund:

    • If you withdraw after the semester census date of your unit.
    • For units already provided.
    • If you do not complete the program within its mandatory timeframe in which case your enrolment expires without refund, unless you have been approved for an extension.

    To be eligible for a standard refund you must have:

    • Withdrawn from the program, in writing, prior to the semester census date, and have paid the relevant unit and associated fees.
    • If there is an outstanding debt associated with your program, please contact CPEE for possible payment options.