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CPEE's units of study have been developed taking inputs from industry, government, research bodies and the private sector to form a package of study that delivers desired outcomes for both student and employer, nationally and internationally. Our units draw on the lastest Australian and international standards, technical and research developments along with practical 'real world experience' to provide life long learnings and outcomes. CPEE offers these technical units as part of its postgraduate award programs or as single units of study:


Furthering your education is often a long road. Sometimes committing to a full award program is not on the cards whether its due to work or life commitments.

To meet this need CPEE offers a number of it's units to be studied as "single units" rather that as part of an award program. This is a great option for students looking to boost specific learning in an area of study or simply as a stepping stone to entering one of our award programs at a later time. 

Credit/s towards a CPEE award program for units completed as single unit study ensures that your learning will be rewarded should you wish to pursue a full award. Refer to CPEE credit and award program entry policy and procedures for further information. 

The Details

Entry Requirements

Standard entry into a single unit will be granted based upon the following.

  • Completion of a Level 7 AQF minimum qualification in a relevant discipline.


  • A minimum relevant academic qualification at AQF Level 6 plus a minimum of 5 years relevant industrial experience in pavement engineering or a related field.

 Nonstandard entry into a Single Unit will be based on a combination of the following:

  • Evidence of previous relevant technical study at a tertiary level.
  • Evidence of a minimum of 5 years relevant industrial experience.
Apply to Study

The application process for single unit study is the same as for any CPEE award program. 

All applications are made to the CPEE Higher Education Manager via the online application portal (certain applications may have extra requirements, which will be listed on the applicable enrolment application form). It is important to include all requested documentation with your application to avoid delays in processing.