Support and Contacts

Academic Matters

The CPEE Higher Education Manager should be contacted for matters regarding enrolment, late submitted assessment tasks and similar issues.

If you require academic assistance your Unit Chair is available to assist you regarding issues specific to Unit content and assessment.

You can send an email directly to the CPEE Unit Chair / consultant lecturer for the unit concerned. Feel free to copy CPEE on any correspondence you may have regarding the course you are undertaking. In most cases telephone numbers for Unit Chairs are not given to students by CPEE but may be provided at the discretion of the individual Unit Chair.

When corresponding with your Unit Chair or the CPEE Higher Education Manager, be specific and leave appropriate contact details to enable a timely response. With regard to assessment task marks and comments, ensure you have checked the CPEELMS site to receive feedback from your Unit Chair. Please contact your Unit Chair to expand or clarify comments made. If you do not receive an answer to an enquiry from your Unit Chair within 48 hours, please contact CPEE.

Administrative enquiries, such as difficulty in submitting assessment tasks, late assessment task submission, special consideration, or other matters not directly related to assessment task questions should be directed to CPEE.

Non Aademic Matters

For all other non academic matters the CPEE ffice staff are there to help. just phone the office number on +61 3 98905155 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our staff will help you with your query.
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