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March 2021

In this issue

Welcome to this month’s CPEE Information Alert (CIA) - the first for 2021.

  • Analyses of Rigid and Flexible Pavements Responses Under Heavy Vehicles’ Loading (Michigan Technological University, USA)
  • Climate Change Impacts on Flexible Pavement Design and Rehabilitation Practices (University of New Hampshire, USA)
  • A Mechanistic and Economic Analysis of Two-lift Concrete Pavements (University of Newfoundland, Canada)
  • Machine Learning Approach for Pavement Performance Prediction (National Laboratory for Civil Engineering, Portugal)
  • Oil Refineries Are Not National Security Assets (Reuters, London)
  • Update for Users of the American ‘McLeod’ Design Methodology (The American University, Cairo, Egypt)
  • Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Stabilisation of Silty Clay/blast Furnace Slag for Subgrade Applications (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
  • Calculating Wheel Path Wander Needed for Autonomous Trucks (University of Newfoundland, Canada)
  • and lots more....

and more....

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