614: Water and Drainage - Engineering and Management

Unit Overview

Unit Overview

This unit provides advanced professional training in the work associated with the management of stormwater, specifically in transport corridors such as road reserves. It will impart cognitive skills to think critically about the methods used to manage storm-water and the specialised technical and creative skills relevant to current and future professional practice. It will further develop the basic skills and knowledge imparted in the core unit Introduction to Pavements.

The major teaching is the development of an understanding of the expectations of the community because it is the source of the resources for water management schemes. Accordingly, the goal is to provide the best total outcomes as students must recognise that the community does not possess unlimited resources and there are many competing demands.

Professionals operating in the water management area must understand the uncertainties associated with sizing both rural and urban systems and the 'risk management' approach necessary. As professional people they must do their best to provide the whole community with factual information of the benefits available from a particular investment strategy and the consequences of poor maintenance practices. The consequences of natural events larger than the design parameters must be clearly conveyed so that informed choices can be made.

This unit will provide participants with their own 'library' of sources necessary to select and apply appropriate drainage models, critically evaluate the results (especially their sensitivity to input parameters and their cost-effectiveness) and provide the community with well considered recommendations.

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