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Census Date
The date on which a student's enrolment is taken to be finalised and is the date a student incurs a debt (the tuition fees) for the unit/s undertaken. HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP debts are incurred on this date. The census date is set by the provider for each unit of study it provides or intends to provide during a year and can be no earlier than 20 per cent of the way through a unit of study and includes any normal study breaks assessment or examination periods (except supplementary examinations as these are not normally undertaken by all the students in the unit of study).
A unit that must be enrolled in concurrently with another unit (unless it has already been completed) usually due to a relationship between the units in the program curriculum.

CPEE adopts the University of New South Wales (UNSW) definition of collusion as ‘acting with another person (or other persons) with the intention to deceive’ (UNSW n.d). If you submit work that has been obtained by colluding with another student and do not acknowledge the input from that student then you would be committing plagiarism.

Commencing Student
A student is a commencing student if they are enrolled in the program for the first time (at the higher education provider) between 1 January and 31 December of any given year.
Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)
A Notice that contains information about a student?s enrolment and use of Commonwealth assistance. The Notice will be provided to students electronically.
Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN)
A unique identifier for each student that will remain with them throughout their university studies. The number allows access to Commonwealth assistance for higher education.
Commonwealth Support Student (CSS)
A student in receipt of a Commonweath supported place.
Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)
A commonwealth supported place is a higher education place for which the Government makes a financial contribution. It is one of the ways in which the Government contributes to the cost of student education. Commonwealth supported places were previously referred to as HECS places.
Conferring Ceremony
The public ceremony where CPEE awards are presented and granted or bestowed (conferred) upon persons who have completed all requirements for the respective CPEE award. Also referred to as a graduation ceremony
Core Unit
A compulsory unit within a program that must be satisfactorily completed to meet the requirements of the program.
Course of Study
A Commonwealth term that refers to what CPEE defines as a unit
A mode of study largely or wholly constituted of courses involving directed learning including face-to-face class instruction online learning distance learning or combinations of these. It is a term commonly used with regard to undergraduate and postgraduate study. The other mode of postgraduate study is research.
Coursework Program

An academic program consisting either entirely of coursework or of a combination of coursework and research with the research component being less than two-thirds of the entire program

The value assigned for the recognition of equivalence in content volume of learning and learning outcomes between different types of learning and/ or qualifications. This value is expressed in terms of units of credit of a qualification.
Credit Transfer
A process whereby a student who transfers from a program at another higher education provider or from another program at CPEE is granted credit for units completed at that higher education provider or program.?