606: Heavy Duty Pavements

Unit Overview

Unit Overview

This unit provides advanced knowledge for professional work with industrial and heavy duty pavements and as a pathway to further learning. It will impart cognitive skills to think critically about materials employed and the methods used to construct these pavements. The unit will also provide specialised technical and creative skills relevant to current and future professional practice. It will further develop the basic skills and knowledge imparted in the core unit Introduction to Pavements.

In the technical literature 'pavements' are generally considered in terms of road pavements, which are characterised by many applications of relatively light and easily defined wheel loads along defined wheel paths such that the concept of an 'equivalent single axle' can be used as the basis of design. The type of pavements addressed in this Unit is different. Industrial and heavy duty pavements have a variety of loads and loading patterns, and can impart very much higher stresses to a pavement than highway axle loads. The loads and tyre pressures are often considerably higher, and loads can be dynamic or static. The design methods can therefore sometimes be very different to those used for highway design.

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